As much as I love my job, most of my life takes place outside of the salon. My husband Connor and I live in Yorba Linda, where we were both born and raised. Our weekdays are busy since we both run businesses, but we make it a point to prioritize our health and fitness. On the weekends we enjoy trying new restaurants, spending time with our families, and attending our church. We love to travel and visit new places together, and some of our favorite vacation spots are Cabo and the Napa Valley. I love little kids and am looking forward to being a mom one day, but for now I am a proud aunt to 7 nieces and 1 (for now) nephew. Yes, family holidays are complete chaos! We have no pets of our own at the moment but we like to think of my parents' cats as our own. (You can see pictures of Whiskey and Brandy below.)  I do my best to bring excitement of my personal life and bring it to my clients from behind the chair. 

I'm Kellie Canzone,
Your hair care  expert

take a peek at my life outside the salon

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My essentials

the ultimate, lightweight smoothing blow-dry spray. Superior protection against hot tools and humidty. Leaves hair super glossy and ultra smooth! Great for all hair types. I don't travel without it!

Wow dream coat

The perfect product for adding airy volume to your hair. Use a lot, or use a little for an insta-worthy blowout.

volume boosting mousse

If you're not using a hair oil... do your hair a favor and add some shine and nourishment back to your tresses! This is the product that'll keep my hair shiny and frizz free on day 1, 2, 3, 4.... ok I usually wash it by day 5!

oi oil

Is it lame to say I LOVE this shampoo? A gentle cleanser that is so smoothing I can get away with air dried styles. Oh, and wait until you smell it!

Love shampoo 

The ultimate, hydrating hair mask. Luxurious oils will transform dry frizzy strands back to shiny, happy, and healthy hairs! Best for medium to coarse hair textures.

oi hair butter

"a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life"  

-coco chanel